Hello Twice

By : Shanise Lachelle

Welp here I am, falling madly, truly and deeply for another girlgroup!! But are we surprised?, the girl group in question is Jyps Twice.

Being into kpop for a while now, I’ve seen them posted numerous times but always ignored them. And now I’m so mad at myself, because I was missing out on all this greatness. They are also super girly and all so gorgeous and for a while that wasn’t my THING- that’s why originally i liked asespa and itzy more( they’re more laid back and cooler). But now that I’ve gotten in touch with my feminity , I can now appreciate and love twice for all that they are. I’m SO sorry for sleeping on y’all.

Of course it was their lastest single “Alcohol Free that got me curious and hooked, but it was also jade( from little mix), writing a song for their upcoming album “Taste of Love,” that got me to check them out. I also credit jade/ little mix for getting me into blackpink. So thankyou JADE once again, you’re a real one.

Taste of love is such a cute fun summer album, but it’s still growing on me. I’m currently obsessed with Can’t Stop Me Era and Eyes Wide Open is a Bibtty BOP!!!!

As I dive more into Twice , I’ll for sure be posting more and more. They’re becoming one of my ultimate groups very fastly. It also helps that they are super hilarious and normal girls .

I’ve been debating between these 3 as to who my bias is gonna be. Nayeon and jihyo caught my attention first, but Momo is a dancing beast and So fine. So I’m conflicted, but also I feel I may be ot9 because they all have charming personalities.

My next twice post will be on my Eyes Wide open favorites. Do you also Stan twice or have you never heard of them?! And if so what’s your favorite era/comeback and song from them!? Let me know in the comments down below and I’ll check them out as I work through all of their music.


I also vibe with the rapline , HELP. How does anyone really pick a bias with twice!?! They’re all so great.

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