Sunmi Can’t sit with us Reaction

By :Shanise Lachelle

Hello friend’s , were back with another reaction/review. This time it’s Sunmis “Can’t sit with us”.

This was another video going around on TikTok and Instagram and the people we’re GAGGING. I of course ignored it at first and went about my business.

I then got curious, like I always do, and decided to see what miss sunmi was all about. To say I was left speechless and GAGGING AS WELL AS THE LOCALS, is an understatement. Omg I’m obsessed with he VISUALS, the choreo and the aesthetics. Miss sunmi you might have gained a new fan out of me. My favorite parts were the rap, I didn’t expect that from her at all and the fight scene with the zombie men!! This entire video was right up my alley and I’m LIVING. She’s gorgeous and full on sassy and I definitely have to check out her album now and other solo works! The entire song is definitely a BOP AND 5/5.

Did you like “CAN’T SIT WITH US”, as much as I did?! And what song of hers should I check out next?

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