Happy Birthday to the Best Leader ever!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

To our entire world and the best leader ever, KIM NAMJOON HAPPIEST BIRTHDAYS!!!

Thankyou for loving the boys and being a dedicated member of BTS. Thankyou for giving your all for each tour, each show and each album! Thankyou for your love for ARMY, we appreciate you even if we don’t say it enough.

Your way of writing lyrics and the way you love music is admirable!! Thankyou for growing up and learning to appreciate black culture without appropriating it. Thankyou for always speaking for the boys when they’re too shy/scared. Thankyou for loving the trees/animals. I too hate mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Whether you’re Rapmon, rm, namjoon or Joon, WE LOVE YOU ENDLESSLY. Just as long as you’re not 4c Rapmon…..

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