Chloe Bailey can STEP on me!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Chloe Bailey of (Chloexhalle) has finally stepped into her solo spotlight and she’s GIVING WHAT NEEDS TO BE GAVE. Have Mercy is her first official single and it’s a HIT.

I always knew Chloe would go down this route…. If you look at ANY of Chloexhalles past performances, Chloe was always super sensual and into it a little more than Halle. I just knew she was waiting to become legal so she could really show OUT. And show out she did. The song was teased about a month ago and the snippet blew up on TikTok. And we were all left gagging for more .

She finally gave us what we wanted and what we got was a super sharp sexy young artist who’s stepping into her own lane. Crafted very carefully by her mentor Beyonce. From the very beginning Beyonce always let Chloexhalle be themselves and express themselves freely. And she always gave them complete creative control which is very rare in this business. But it just shows she knew the talent these girls had and she trusted them fully.

I LOVE the medusa vibes and how her , and her clique seduced the men . I just love how young women and WOMEN in general are coming into their sensuality and sexuality . And knowing their worth and not SETTLING. Let’s start to hold these men accountable and not fall for cheap tricks and compliments. When you know you’re the shit, nothing a man says can sway you. He’s going to have to actually bring the table and everything on it. Because you’re already the full course MEAL. These next female artists are gonna raise some powerful girls!!

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