Love Sweet Love reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Well Little Mix has done it Again!!! Fresh off the success of Anne Maries Uh-Oh, the girls have released their first single as a trio.

I will honestly admit, listening to it for the first time , I didn’t love it. It wasn’t until I watched the video and saw the gorgeous, immaculate visuals that I fell inlove with love sweet love. It’s giving late 90s girlgroups vibes with the harmonies and the melodies of the song. Proving once again that if it’s anything little mix can do for sure is give us VOCALS AND HARMONIES.

Now with two of the 3 being heavily pregnant,I knew we couldn’t get a killer choreo. But I just know when their six or eight weeks is up and they start tour rehearsals, we’re getting a banging routine for this bop. All of the girls and dancers look incredible and so beautiful and I love the entire aesthetic! Seriously Little Mix is killing the game right now and I’m so proud and impressed!!!

Jade once again, stole the entire show for me!!! She’s been stealing the spotlight since sweet melody and hasn’t stepped off our necks since!! I’m so proud with how much she’s stepped up and has worked super hard to fill in the gaps for the other girls. It’s giving very much Leader of the girlgroup vibes. Jade is a rider for little mix and this just shows with how much she helped hide their pregnancies and how she became the main character, so perrie and Leigh could ease up. If you’re still sleeping on miss thirlwall, WAKE UP!!!!! She’s having a moment honey, wake up and witness this goodness come into her own. She’s never looked better!!!

The song is about loving yourself and masturbating. And I can’t believe little mix made a Bop about masturbation. But I’m so not surprised!!! Let’s raise a toast to the G -O-D-D-E-S-S of little mix. I’m so proud , give love sweet love a listen and bask in all of the talent.

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