Aespa Watch!

By : Shanise Lachelle

We are in our first official Aespa watch/countdown ladies and gays!!!

Come tommorow ( October 5), we will have our first album and a brand new single/video called “Savage”. I’m so excited I can hardly wait or contain myself!!

Not to mention we’re getting ALL new songs!!! And just look at them!, These are our rookies of the year guys. I know kpop stans don’t think they deserve it but who’s had a more iconic debut than our girls right here?! Black mamba and next level!? Were BOTH iconic. Next level STILL has kpop boy bands in shambles doing the dance and breaking out into song. You can hate all you want but Aespa is that girl group.

Tommorow I’ll be listening from the grave!! Aespa I love and I’m so proud of you guys. Here we go…..

Are you a asepa Stan? Are you excited for their comeback?!

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