My Universe reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

BTS is the ONLY band that I’ve ever been into this H A R D. That make me feel all warm and safe. They’re truly my safe space. Coldplay is a band I’ve casually listened to for years and they rarely make a bad song. Not to mention Chris Martin is just the coolest.

ColdPlay and BTS came together to make my universe in hopes of bringing two total different types of fandoms / music lovers together. This song is beautiful and I’m not being bias. Even if Coldplay was just on it ,it would STILL be beautiful. It’s such a lovely song. But to add BTS of course makes it even better. Not to mention Chris Martin flew to Korea to meet and personally work the boys on this song.

The video is right up my alley with the space theme and the aliens. I love how everyone looks and everyone sounds so good. Namjoon signing was a standout moment. Hobi flirting with the alien was a standout moments. Jungkook ALSO flirting with the alien was a standout moment. The video is high quality and super cool. Taehyung sounds so beautiful and looks AMAZING. I could gush about this song/video for ages. I’m just so happy ColdplayxBts did this. My universe is such a healing song and is definitely going onto my healing BTS songs playlist. Not to mention this is totally a love song to army’s. And like Stan a band that loves you as much as BTS loves Army’s. I promise you’ll love it here.

Did you like My Universe!? It’s honestly my favorite collaboration they’ve done this year…so far.

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