Savage First reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Sm and Aespa has done it again, chose a lead single that kind of baffles you at first. Hi guys were back with another reaction/review. And this time its for my girls Aespa!

First things first, if aespa is gonna do anything it’s bring the VISUALS and aesthetics! And that’s just what they did with this video. From dancing with their Ai’s, to the complete adorable aespa cartoon animation. I feel like I was transported back to the 90s watching Saturday morning cartoons. EVERYONE looks amazing.

The actual song DOES take some getting used to. As usual Sm throws alot of random beats and sounds together to make a Slow burning bop. And by slow burning I mean it takes like 5 listens to actually like the song. At first I was like what on earth?! None of this goes together, then after my like 10 listen I was like zuzuzuzu. It’s totally catchy and gets stuck in your head, just like black mamba and next level.

Girl the VOCALS ON THIS SONG WERE HEAVEN SET. IMMORTAL, GODLY!!! Aespa said we’re Not just a group full of VISUALS or cool looking girls, we can actually SING!! The vocal line SHUT IT DOWN. Winter girl was the supreme standout for me!! She really had alot to prove this time around! People mostly see her as the groups visual and not a contender when it comes to vocals against the main vocalist NINGNING. But miss winter held her own on this song and even though it’s not a competition, completely ate NINGNING up on some parts! Put some respect on W I N T ER NAME IMMEDIATELY.

Not Karina also coming in with the VOCALS!! Honestly I knew they could all sing, but Savage just shows that if needed, all the girls could be a lead vocalist. The choreo and the raps were a little underwhelming to be completely honest. But the vocals and aesthetics made up for what they were lacking.

Also Gisele is giving me strong Lisa from blackpink vibes. Meaning they keep giving them these weak rap versus when In reality if they were given a verse worthy they would EAT IT UP. But Gisele still made it work and delivered like her family was a being held hostage.

Standout moments: Winter’s”Oh my gosh”

The head movement dance in the pink scene

Karinas two different color contacts

Giselle’s: mmmh

NINGNING s high notes

Did you enjoy Aespa Savage music video/single? It’s honestly my second favorite single they’ve released. Behind black mamba being number 1 and next level being number 3. Until next time….zuzuzu

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