Being bias wrecked by Yeji

By : Shanise Lachelle

Hi guys , we’re back with another thirst post. And this time it’s dedicated to the Uber talented leader of itzy. Yes I’m talking about miss Yeji herself!!!

Yeji didn’t fully bias wreck me until guess who era happened, that red hair was a GODSEND!!! And then when she became artist of the month. Basically Yeji hasn’t released me since then. And I’ve been quietly under her charming spell.

Are we all seeing this!?! It’s like she’s gotten more comfortable in her skin as the eras go on. This is Yeji fine era. ..Has been for the last year. Sos for this kitty indeed.

Who’s your bias and bias wrecker in itzy!? My ultimate bias in itzy is miss Ryujin. BUT LOOK AT YEJIIIII!!!

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