Be deserves Better!

By : Shanise Lachelle

I feel though as a collective, The majority of the fandom didn’t appreciate Be for what it was,Including MYSELF. Be came out fresh in the middle of the COVID 19 crisis, and we all needed what Be was feeding us. It’s just I didn’t realize it until recently.

I always knew it was a great album and it was my first era/comeback with BTS. So Be will always hold a special place in my heart. But it’s so much more than that. Be is a pure, healing album. You have blue and grey- which talks about mental illness and being sad and wanting to find the light at the end of the tunnel. Then you have fly to my room- which is a song perfectly describing how we all felt when the pandemic first started and we couldn’t leave the house. Then you have disease which talks about all the above , but how you have to keep pushing and life WILL get better. You can be tired, but keep fighting to see another day. Stay -which is about how BTS always wants army to stay with them and know we will stay no matter what. And life goes on, when I tell you seeing this song LIVE totally heals you, I’m NOT BEING DRAMATIC.

This album is so incredible and I think it really flew over alot of army heads. Especially older Army. I saw alot of them complain about Be and not give it the credit it deserves. Or say the ever popular” I prefer their older music”. Which is fair, their older music is excellent. But I think it’s important to know BTS is 100% involved with every album they make and every album has a purpose. They’re not just putting random music out just to appease the industry. They actually have something important to say and are speaking on real life issues. It’s totally fine if you didn’t like Be, but don’t discredit it or talk down on it. It was a excellent , well written, soft, healing and fun album that did what it intended to do. Which was lift our spirits in the darkest times.

I now get very emotional when I listen to Be from beginning to end, it was a special time for me and my very first BTS era. Nothing will ever top that feeling for me. It might not be my favorite BTS album, but it is the album that means the most to me personally. And I think alot of you would do well to go back and actually LISTEN to Be . BTS made Be for a reason. No Be slander is allowed in this house.

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