Army’s I Don’t Like

By: Shanise Lachelle

I thought about this post for a while, and thought maybe it was best NOT to write it. But as the days go on, these specific type of Army keep popping up and you know it’s time someone tells them ABOUT themselves.

1. The ( I’ve been there since 2013 Army)

Okay and?! What do you want, A medal, a cookie? Like congrats you’ve known about the boys and their talent since the beginning, it’s cool and I’m sure the boys appreciate you sticking around. But in NO way do they love you more than new army, So pipe down.

2. The ( I prefer their older music)

Okay so go listen to it. It’s literally not that deep. No artist on the planet makes the same type of music throughout their career. Why would you want them to stay in a box and continue to make the same type of songs? When they’re clearly growing and going through different things. Their music shouldn’t even sound the same from when they were kids. They’re full blown adults now. I agree their older music is top tier, but it doesn’t mean their newer music sucks.

3. The ( Army fan base is embarrassing and I’m not apart of that)

EVERY fan base is embarrassing, not just army. There’s been immature fan girls in every fan base since the dawn of time, but that doesn’t stop people from being fans or enjoying their music. You gotta learn to block out the negative and enjoy the positive. Army does WAY too much sometimes, but guess what they’re still a strong and fierce fandom who goes hard for BTS . And alongside some of the cringy stans, are some really cool and fun stans. You just gotta know who to follow. And not get involved when it gets messy.( Which it often will)

4. The ( Stalker Fans)

I’ve never liked people who invaded someone’s personal space . Famous or not , it’s still wrong and creepy. Yea we pay their bills and make them famous/rich. But we don’t OWN THEM. They are not entitled to give us any of their free time. Especially when they’re are with loved ones, like mind your business, act like you don’t know them and keep your distance. They’ll love you more for it. At the end of the day, they are HUMAN BEINGS . Not circus animals!

5. The( I knew about them first so I’m actually a real fan)

What does it matter WHEN you found BTS?! As long as you found them and you’re happy?! I’ve never seen a more stingy fandom than some army’s, ESPECIALLY older army’s. Like in real life, NONE of us have a chance with BANGTAN. Not on any scale, maybe before they got super famous and they could still go out and be semi normal. But definitely not now. So build a bridge and get over it. You’re a fan and all they will ever see us as is fans. You don’t own any of them, stop gatekeeping. We are all on the same level.

6. The ( I’ve outgrown BTS fans)

I promise you none of us care. It’s really not that deep or serious enough for you to make whole tik toks about but then tag every BTS tag so you can get attention. Just move on and go about your life. Everything doesn’t have to be so dramatic.

7. The ( high follower count on social media fans, who now think they’re famous)

This one could be good or bad. But in terms of bad, the fans who gain popularity on social media and other fans make them the queen of certain boys. Therefore making these fans think they have stans and are famous. I’ve seen these people have meetups, Stan accounts, ect. And like on one hand I’m baffled, because aren’t we all fans of BTS? Why would I be a fan of another fan? And on the other hand I get it, make your money off something you love. It’s just a fine line with this one, and it often gets crossed. And these creators tend to get a big head and it doesn’t always end well. I’ve come across a Lot of them. Most of them completely ignore you and act like they’re to good to socialize with other fans. Then there are the humble ones who act normal and treat you like a friend. So it’s just about who you follow and feeling the vibes out before you decide to engage. Army can be some of the most stuck up and meanest people EVER. I will say this is the hardest fandom to make genuine friend’s in. But once you find your select few, hold on to them . Because more times than not, you’ll end up being a solo army.

8. The ( BTS didn’t save you fans)

Okay, this one probably pisses me off the most. It’s not like BTS are the first artists in the history of music to have super dedicated fans. How can you tell someone what BTS hasn’t done for them?! How do you know what that person has gone through or is going through? Music as a whole has the ability to heal someone and push them forward. So how come when people Say that about Bts it’s a issue?! Telling people to go to therapy instead to really fix their problems, is condescending and RUDE. I’ve been to therapy in the past and it did absolutely Nothing . I’ve seen people go to therapy and have gotten worse. Now that’s not to say ALL therapy is bad, because their are some great ones out there who can help you. But therapy isn’t for everyone and doesn’t always work for everyone. Different people need different things to heal and cope. How dare you sit there and say what they need to do to actually heal?! BTS personally has done so much for me and I will continue to be vocal about it and owe them everything. And I don’t give a shit who thinks what about it honestly. I know personally the impact they’ve had on me and I’ve seen the stories from other army’s. Of course it’s their job to perform and put out great music. But it’s definitely not their job to go the extra mile to love and appreciate their fans the way they do. Being a fan of BTS feels like home. It feels safe, of course you still need to go the extra mile to help heal yourSELF. But it’s no problem if Bangtan helps you get there. No problem at all.

So that concludes the post no one asked for, But was much needed. I do feel like if we could all just use this BTS break time to refresh and get our priorities straight,( which is to Stan BTS). We as a fandom could move forward in a healthy direction. All of the petty fights between other fandoms and sending hate to every girl that breathes near BTS has to stop. It’s not looking great for Army when that happens and just makes the world look at us badly.

We love BTS and should focus on making them look their absolute best. Not embarrassing them.

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