BTS on Instagram.

By: Shanise Lachelle

Now didn’t Bts say they were going on break? I legit feel like I haven’t had a break since I watched carpool karaoke last year.

BTS has only been on Instagram for a little over a week, almost two weeks and we’ve gotten such a solid and wholesome peek into their life. I absolutely LOVE that they feel comfortable enough to share their personal moments with us.

Joon and hobi seem to be the best at Instagram, making me believe they’ve always had a secret account for family and friends. While the others are struggling somewhat. Tae follows right behind the two with the most posts, and we get more golden drunk videos than posts. Jimin, Jin, suga and kook seem to still be figuring out what side of themselves they would like to show. With Jin , jimin and suga spending the least time on the app.

Hobi and Joon once again are the most active, they comment on each other’s posts frequently right along with the other members.

I do feel personally they’re so happy with the decision to get solo accounts. And they’re happy to have this little bit of freedom to show armies the REAL them. They get to show just how much they’re willing to show and I think that’s great for them.

I do think army needs to take a step back and just enjoy the Instagrams for what they are, and stop adding drama into the mix. Stop investigating and just enjoy as a fan. Alot of the times , lines are crossed. Let’s not do that this time. Let’s just have fun with the boys and let them relax.

How have you coped with the boys new found social media freedom? Sound off in the comments below. … Until next time.

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