Permission to Dance Review: Part 3

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’ve put off writing the 3rd part to this concert series because almost a month later and I’m still unable to find the words to describe how much fun I had.

Seeing them online was enough for me,I never thought I’d get the actual chance to see them live, EVER. Even when it came to getting tickets and getting membership codes, I still didn’t think I’d stand a chance against millions of army’s.

I got to seem on opening night and a second time for live play. Words just don’t do it justice and it was the most fun I’d EVER HAVE. I so badly wanted to get tickets to the last two days and just extend my trip! I wanted it so bad I got a code for day 3 while standing in line for merch. That’s just how close I was to the BTS gods. ( Trust me I kick myself everyday for not splurging and staying a extra night)

BTS are some of the most incredible live performers I’ve ever seen . They put their entire heart into EACH show. and everyday they got better and better. I cried both days of course, because I was happy and just so overwhelmed to seeing them in the flesh.

To be in a place filled with people who love and adore the boys just like you, to see BTS faces light up seeing army for the first time in town years!! It was truly incredible and no matter how stressful the actual trip was, I wouldn’t trade this experience for the WORLD. I can’t wait for BTS to announce their world tour. Trust me, NOTHING beats seeing the boys live!!! NOTHING!!!!

“Once you go to one show, you’ll always wanna go back” . I’m in this BTS SHIT FOR LIFE!

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