Jesy Jingle Ball Debut

By : Shanise Lachelle

Girls and gays, there is SO much to unpack here and honestly ,I’m at a lost for words. So let’s get into it.

I will start off by saying I do not care AT all about jesy’s solo career UNTIL she cleans up her act !! Drops the excessive tan, and stop being a excessive extra ass culture vulture. She could really win alot of us back if she did just that. But knowing how stubborn jesy is and how her team has decided to have her be this eternal victim her whole solo career, she might as well lay in the bed she made and get comfortable.

Now let’s get into the actual performance and me being not biased off the fact I absolutely can not stand her right now. In a lot of ways, jesy is absolutely talented. She’s just become so unlikeable this year and shown her true side that alot of us have forgotten that.

Let’s start with her red carpet look. Why on GOD’S GREEN EARTH did her team and stylist think this was a good idea , is lost on me COMPLETELY. not only is she STILL super fucking tan, to the point it looks ridiculous. She’s noticably wearing a jacket that says “Black” on it while covering the other side. Showing how planned this whole thing is and how jesy/team thinks it’s a good idea to the ride this train of controversy. In her case, offending black people and other Poc is definitely not gonna work. But go off I guess.

The actual performance was a MESS. The song is already not good, so adding this big of a mess to try and make it better only shows how trash the song actually is. The opening was crickets and dead awkward. She tried to carry on with what little mix does on the beginning of their performances and it didn’t work at ALL. The crowd gave nothing in return. The constant Miley Cyrus tounge action, lip singing, and over dancing was all a bit much. I get it, she has to go super hard for her first jingle bell ball, and she’s known to be a great dancer and go hard. But once again this was not it. It just completely missed the mark. Nothing flowed and it was evident how hard she was trying, to hard.

I saw a comment on Twitter about how she thinks she the Harry styles of little mix when she’s actually the Liam Payne. And I couldn’t agree more, all jokes aside. Both went solo and got this whole ” I’m urban now and I’m gonna put on this whole urban persona”. It was cringy for Liam and it’s even more cringy for jesy.

My whole thing is, was she always like this and we just blindly supported her because she was in little mix!?! She really left the band to be offensive and a culture vulture?! I’m just at a complete lost for words.

Jesy could of had a whole Adele moment and came out of little mix so graceful and wowed us with REAL emotionally charged songs. Instead she did this, She needs to fire her team IMMEDIATELY and start over. There’s always room for forgiveness and starting over.

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