Jesy Jingle Ball Debut

Girls and gays, there is SO much to unpack here and honestly ,I’m at a lost for words. So let’s get into it. I will start off by saying I do not care AT all about jesy’s solo career UNTIL she cleans up her act !! Drops the excessive tan, and stop being a excessiveContinue reading “Jesy Jingle Ball Debut”

Go on jesy👏

Congratulations to NTA winner jesy Nelson!! She won for her documentary on cyber bullying. I’m so proud of her for opening up and super proud of her for winning!! and to top it all off she looked AMAZING. Absolutely stunning.

Little mix

I don’t know what’s really going on behind the scenes with little mix and their record labels. But what I do know is bounce back could have been an American HIT. It’s right on wave with the sexy twerk music we have on our radios right now. It’s more tame but fits right in withContinue reading “Little mix”


okay so as we all know this LM5 era has been a MESS. To make matters worse they have decided to just be done with this album And start another one. Which I can understand, but there were so many great songs on this album that deserved attention and videos(FORGET YOU NOT /monster in meContinue reading “LM5”

Favorite songs of LM5

Here are some of my current faves off LM5. (It changes everyday though tbh) .monster in me .think about us .forget you not .love a girl right .more than words .wasabi .only you Have you listened to LM5 yet?? What’s your favorite track off little mix’s latest album?