Like Crazy Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Huge congratulations to Park Jimin for landing the number 1 spot on the billboard 100 list!! Making him the first bts member who’s solo has done so, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS!

Like Crazy when it was teased felt like it was going to be a R&B bedroom song and all of army’s and jimin girls went INSANE!!!! Me included, it actually went a completely different direction and for the better .

Like crazy is a beautiful dance/pop song about not wanting to find yourself if only for the moment and getting lost in life. And kind of letting life take you wherever it wants to and just enjoying the crazy ride.

The song gives an impression jimin might have been struggling at one point or another, and needed a release. And found it in music and partying.

The outro to the Like Crazy is sooo insanely beautiful and has become a fan favorite.

This will break me
This is gonna break me (Break me)
No, don’t you wake me (Wake me)
I wanna stay in this dream, don’t save me
Don’t you try to save me (Save me)
I need a way we (Way we)
I need a way we can dream on (On, on, on)
(Alone again

Not to mention the choreography is so sensual and seductive. And there is a part where jimin and a female dance mirror each other completely in the dance routine and it’s so magical!

I was so impressed with Set me Free and didn’t think it could get any better. And Jimin completely shut it down with Like Crazy. This is the single that got him his first number one as a solo artist! I’m as always so proud of each bts member and their solos! And forever proud of Korea’s It boy Park Jimin for completing proving the haters wrong and smashing it. we always knew it was a STAR and now the world sees it even more!!

Let me know in the comments what you think of Like Crazy! And as always friends… until next time.


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