Set Me Free Review

By : Shanise Lachelle

It’s been JIMIN TIME ALL MARCH, let’s finally dig into SET ME FREE.

I’m so proud of jimin and SET ME FREE is nothing short of amazing!!!

The choir, the choreography, the SHIRTLESS scenes, and the powerful lyrics , all do such a great job of making jimin a solo stand out from the rest of Bts. I knew he would come hard I just didn’t know how HARD.

Jimin has always been such a powerful dancer, but within a group of 7 has to tone it down a bit and match his counterparts. Now all on his own, jimin can go as hard as he wants and have everyone’s FULL. attention .

And the world is WATCHING. The song is clearly about his success and now people have wanted to see him fail. About how he too struggled with thoughts of not being good enough. But now he’s here and super confident, and wanting to be SET FREE. I loved this as a PRE-release single! It definitely did it’s job to get people and ARMY SUPER excited for Face.

Words can’t even describe just how proud I am of Jimin. He’s done so well and I just know how nervous he was. Well done park jimin, you are truly the STAR OF THE SHOW. And army are sooooooo proud of you and everything you do.

What did you think of Set Me Free??


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