Flower Review

By: Shanise Lachelle

Long time no see friends, but we are BACK with another BLackPink solo! And this time from the one and only jisoo. let’s get into it.

Now us blinks have been Starving for a Jisoo solo and we’ve finally got it! Jisoo flower is a stunning and beautiful upbeat track. It does remind me a tiny bit of Jennie’s Solo, but alas they’re from the same group and Teddy writes just about 99% of their songs . So we really shouldn’t be surprised. The song matches Jisoo ability and it doesn’t overshadow her.

Jisoo looks stunning in the video and as BlackPinks Visual, we shouldn’t have expected any less. She’s not the strongest singer or dancer, but does extremely well with Flower. The choreography is just her speed and the song is simple enough where she doesn’t have to strain or do too much. It fits her perfectly, I will admit I was nervous about her solo. But she proved us all wrong and killed it.

Now all 4 BlackPink girls have a solo, and I’m so extremely proud of them all.

Have you checked out Jisoos new single? And did you love it? Let me know in the comments down below.

Until next time friends….


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