Steady are we READY?!?

Listen…. I have such small but high hopes. My girls are talented… So talented. But the lack of promo and decent videos of the last two singles has got me a little worried. Will the album be Amazingg?! I’m sure, if it’s one thing little mix does well every single time.. it’s produce an amazing album!!! They give us visuals with the album artwork and they always deliver VOCALS. IM just worried about the roll out of promo, since that’s their weak spot. At the moment they’ve been doing more promo for their new tv show and the album had kinda taken the backseat. Am I excited!? Yes, am I also super nervous? Yes! Do I even care about the new tv show!? Not really, but it’s a boss move and it’s good promo. They’ve recently filmed ANOTHER video for another single… And PERRIE has been hyping it up.. but they also hyped up holiday. And although the song was great, the video and promo was lackluster. Not to mention we had to wait a whole month for the video. I’m trying to refrain from doing to many reviews until the actual album comes out. So we will see with this new single+video. Fingers crossed little mix finally get it right.

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