By: Shanise Lachelle

I feel like such a proud mum and blink to see our little music machine rosie doing the damn thing!! I know how much she loves music and how serious she takes it. And I know, after watching their netflix documentary, just how long this solo has been in the making and how close to her heart it is. And I’m just sooooo PROUD AS PUNCH.

On the ground was released this past Friday and it was nothing like I expected. From what I’ve seen about black pink, rose is one of the younger members and she absolutely adores every part of music and being an artist. And I always gathered from her personal style , she was the little rocker/emo one. So even though I knew all of this, I still wasn’t expecting on the ground to sound like this.

Honestly it had to grow on me, but so did JENNIE’S solo . But now that I’ve heard it a few billion times ,I can safely say it’s a BOP and so rosie it’s ridiculous . I loved the emo vibes to GONE and the little video snippet we got to that(hopefully they release the full version), but on the ground works better as the title single.

The video is full of beautiful visuals and she looks amazing on her own. The song is about her pre debut days as a trainee working super hard to be in blackpink just to realize everything she really needs is the ground ( family, friends, self love). And she needs nothing more . There’s a touching scene where blackpink rosie is singing to pre debut rosie and it just shows how far she’s come!!! She’s in the biggest girlgroup in the WORLD, and now she’s finally ready to showcase her solo music.

I’ve grown to appreciate rosie more since becoming a full time blink and watching their netflix documentary. She’s very stable while performing live , she’s the main vocal and lead dancer, and she plays the piano and guitar. She’s also very hilarious when you watch their interviews. It’s easy for her to get overshadowed by jisoo who’s korea’s little bunny. Then Jennie is korea’s it girl and always in the tabloids. Then Lisa who’s miss long legs and dances like the rent is due everytime she performs. Rosie is just the little talented blonde aussie . But she’s finally coming out of the shadows if her band mates to show you, she’s here to stay and she’s got the star power!!

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