First On the Ground Performance review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Rosie has had her first solo Performance this weekend and she did amazing . Even though the song is called “ON THE GROUND”, I didn’t think the choreo would be on the ground.

I honestly didn’t think the live Performance would have choreo at all considering the video didn’t have any .

So imagine my surprise this morning while watching rosie slay the stage with her vocals and beauty then she busts out some moves as well . Not to mention the floor choreography was so smooth and intricate . It could easily kook messy if someone else was doing it, but rosie managed to pull it off gracefully. After all she is the queen of floor choreography, boomboombya anyone?!

I keep saying this, but I’m just so proud of her!!!! And she’s glowing and seems so happy. I nearly cried at her ending fairy. I can’t wait to see her other stages. Well done little miss rosie posie .

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