Bts were ROBBED!?

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last night the grammys aired and if you’re army, you were equal parts excited to watch them PERFORM and win the award they so rightfully deserve . Well to say we were disappointed was a understatement .

Not only did they keep fans up ALL night just to see bts PERFORM, they literally were the second to last Performance. But they snubbed them as well.

Now this wouldn’t be that big of deal, the grammys no matter how prestigious ,is rigged and the committee is full of white old people. It’s also been said by alot of artists that the grammys is basically a paid award for some artists and it’s not based on actual talent and numbers.

I’ve never really cared for the grammys personally, they never NOMINATED little mix or one direction. So I knew it was rigged. But to hype up army’s for like 3 months and use them as bait so people will watch this garbage ceremony that’s slowing dying is a low, smart tatic move, but low!!

The grammy ratings have been going down every year and they know how big bts fandom is and how much army’s support the boys. So why not hype them up to make it seem like they’re gonna win and save their Performance for last.

I love harry styles, but BTS should’ve opened the show. That dynamite Performance was way too big to be the second to last Performance of the night. And VISUALLY it was the coolest .

Now on to them loosing, yes it’s not that big of a deal or the end of the world( BTS HAS MANY AWARDS ALREADY), it’s the fact that they work their bottoms off and they actually love their job and fans. No one is working harder than BTS AND THATS A FACT!!! They really wanted this grammy and they deserved it. Dynamite was a smash hit and was eating up the charts and radios. The video almost has a billion views.

No shade to lady gaga and ariana, because I love rain on me, but it wasn’t the song of the summer and the grammys know that. If we’re going by Numbers it FOR SURE GOES TO BTS.

I’m an army so yes I’m SALTY. I don’t care about the grammys but I know they do. And if we’re really being honest it’s all because they’re asian. Had any other white artists had the numbers bts had, they would’ve gotten all the awards last night . So yes it’s a xenophobic thing. And hollywood needs to do better.

It’s the fact that you could tell how disappointed they were and sad, but tried to keep smiles on their faces for army. It’s the fact that they think they need to work harder, when in reality the business needs to change and be more inclusive. The world is not just 50 shades of white artist’s.

It’s also the fact that bts made history by being the ONLY kpop artist to be nominated and why? Kpop is MASSIVE, the numbers they bring in is INSANE . Yet the western industry keeps ignoring them and treating them like the latest fad .

I just know bts are bigger than the scammys. And I hope they truly know that! They’ve had two record smashing albums back to back. You don’t need some white-washed rigged award to know how great you are . BTS ARE THE GRAMMYS AT THIS POINT. AND they will continue to work hard and outsell every western artist. And that itself is the biggest payback you could ever get .

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