The most distinctive voices in kpop- Male edition

By: Shanise Lachelle

Happy Tuesday, last night an idea came to me, who’s voices would I able to pick out of any song in a heartbeat right now in kpop?! I’m talking one word and BOOM, I know who that is. Who’s got the most distinctive male voices right now?! Well here’s my list.

1.Onew -shinee

I’ve only been into shinee for a couple of weeks but onews tone and voice is so different and beautiful, I know for sure if a song came on with his deep sensual powerful voice, I would know it’s my beloved jinki! Without a shadow of a doubt. Noone in kpop sounds like him. I’m surprised he’s not more loved and popular based on his vocal abilities alone .

2. Chen- exo

Mr. Chen- holds the number one spot In my heart for Favorite male kpop vocalist,( which onew might be stealing soon). He has one of the biggest more versatile voices I’ve ever heard, not just in kpop but in music general. He’s definitely one of the best vocalist PERIOD and I could pick him out of any song. His voice caught my whole entire attention when I first saw OBSESSION. He’s so stable and controls his big voice very well. He knows what he’s capable of and never strains.

3. Baekhyun- exo

Baekhyun voice is without a doubt one of the most stable, versatile, consistent voice in kpop. Live or In a album he sounds the SAME. He even has this hight note he does alot that I’ve coined the : bacon high note. He sings so effortlessly, it’s like walking to him. You could put him in a western country song and I’d be like THERE HE GO . eating that country shit up. That’s my Baekhyun.

4. Jimin- bts

I’m not gonna lie to you, when I first heard him sing I thought it was a woman singing. He may not have the most powerful voice like the 3 up above him, but his voice is definitely WORTHY of being on this list. And his voice is powerful in other ways. Noone else could sing jimins solos the way jimin does with such confidence. And that’s the thing with park jimin. Anyone could sing baekhyuns songs or cover onews. But NOONE can cover jimins. Jimins tone is so distinctive and so light and rich you know it’s JIMIN. Not to mention he CHOOSES to sing in that light tone, jimin can also go deeper . In alot of their older songs jimin uses his lower register and sounds AMAZING.

There you have it, granted these are from the groups that I listen too and that are my favorite. There very well just might be some hidden gems in other groups and I’m not ignoring them. But I based this all on vocal abilities.

Ps- I originally forgot to add taehyung to this list. When his deep voice is always recognized and never mistaken for anyone else. When I first got into bts he was the only voice I could pick out of the singing line easy. I even gave him the nickname ” tae braxton”. In my opinion he doesn’t get enough credit for his voice. That intro to Dna is STILL the best thing V has EVER done.

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