Why I prefer Kpop

By :Shanise Lachelle

I’ve only been into kpop for a year but already I prefer it to how the Western world puts out their Artists/Music.

I’m a self proclaimed ” Extra” person and I LOVE music and the arts. My most favorite thing in the world is to see how passionate artists can be and how they’ll roll out their music with videos/ promo.

I find it so lackluster for artists to have a Great album but then do the bare minimum when it comes to showcasing their art.

The only Western artist’s I’ve ever seen be on the same level as kpop artists with their craft is : Beyonce, Madonna, Britney Spears, Prince, Michael Jackson, Taylor swift , Ariana Grande and Harry Styles and my girl Fka Twigs. Which in itself is ironic because kpop is very American influenced.

Everything in kpop is larger than life and so well done and the first time I saw a kpop video I was blown away. It’s was like watching a stage performance, it was phenomenal. My breath was literally taken away. That’s why I find it so hard now to even be interested in the WESTERN music world. Everything is repetitive and besides a select few, noone really is trying to do anything different. And when someone does try to step out of the box, their fans leave them and they get criticized by the media.

Everyone in my life is like ” you only listen to Korean music and care about kpop”. And that’s simply not true. I have a few western artists I adore and will support to the wheels fall off. I just need the western world to get on the same track as the east.

We’re tired of the same ol dusty music videos and same beats and we just want something fresh and NEW . Give us something to gag over . And until that happens, until there is a shift, I’ll be sitting right here in my bubble enjoying the way the eastern music industry excels.

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