BTS x Coldplay

By : Shanise Lachelle

BTS has been coming in hott this year with the collabs. First we were blindsided by the Collab with Megan thee stallion for the butter Remix and it turned out to be a BOP.

Now we have yet another Collab underway, and it’s sure to snatch our WIGS. But In a healing way. We now have BTS and Coldplay coming with a song next Friday!!! And I’m so excited. There was a preview released on TikTok this week and it’s making me super emotional. It feels so warm and like home. It feels safe and nostalgic. It feels like Coldplay and BTS went into the studio and talked about how the pandemic has sucked for us all and wanted to make a song to heal a nation and bring us TOGETHER. I have so much respect for Chris Martin flying out to Korea in the midst of covid JUST to work with BTS and get to know them on a personal level. Instead of just jumping on a over produced track for clout( cough, cough, Jason Derulo). I can’t wait for the video and harmonies we’re gonna get. Army’s need this, the WORLD NEEDS THIS. It’s time to heal. I’m ready.

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