Respect BTS!!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

It absolutely BLOWS my mind some of these “fans” or stalkers we will call them, thought it was okay and perfectly sane to look up Bts flight/hotel information and wait for them in the lobby if the airport!!

Not only is that completely unsafe and unfair to BTS,( WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF COVID, USE YOUR BRAINS), but it’s also selfish to bangtan. They just got off a 14 hour or so flight….they love army but I’m sure the very LAST thing they actually wanted to see was A R M Y.

As fans you have to know your role and KNOW YOUR BOUNDARIES. I know we haven’t seen them in person in like two years and alot of us new ARMY’S have NEVER seen them in person, but that still doesn’t justify what those people did. You weren’t thinking of BTS safety only your happiness.

And to think they jumped on Twitter bragging about how excited they were to see BTS and touch BTS, girls just know they weren’t excited to see y’all. They were exhausted and most likely VERY disappointed in y’all. They’ve stated many Many times, how they don’t like being crowded and it makes them uncomfortable and nervous. Yet there y’all was all HAPPY AND CRINGEY. This is exactly why everyone HATES army’s and why the media portrays us as a bunch of crazed 12 year fans who aren’t in the reach of reality.

The reality of it is ….no matter how much the boys miss us.. they absolutely aren’t here to see us. They’re here to attend the UN ASSEMBLY ON THE BEHALF OF SOUTH KOREA. That is 1,0000 times more important than us army right now. I hope they hop right on the flight back to Korea after this is over. And this didn’t ruin them traveling for the first time in almost a year. I’m disgusted and SO VERY DISAPPOINTED. Y’all do entirely too much sometimes…and this was one of those times.

And to the staff that was taking pictures….good luck finding another job.

Don’t know ANY celebrity that wants to be crowded like that….crowds generally make them nervous because they never know what fans will do. Let’s not forget John Lennon of the beetles was killed by a “fan”.

Please if you want to be a true Army, Respect BTS.

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