LaLisa review

By : Shanise Lachelle

Last week our blackpink maknae FINALLY, released her much anticipated solo “LaLisa”. The blinks and non fans were very excited to see what Lisa was gonna bring to the table. And honestly it was a little lukewarm.

I think the fact that Lisa is a natural born performer and eats the stage up Everytime had fans super excited. And from what I can tell the reactions are a little mixed . Are we happy and excited she finally got to show off her solo work?! YES. do we think it could have been better!? DEFINITELY YES!!!

Now although it’s underwhelming, the song is a bop and instantly gets stuck in your head!!! And the visuals of the video totally makes you like the song more than you should. I feel like dance AND rap wise, there was so much more I KNOW Lisa could have done but this is what teddy gave to her. She gives her all and draws you into the LaLisa world!! She looks stunning at every turn and you can’t take your eyes off her!

The video is a masterpiece and brings LaLisa to life. Lisa paying homemage to her CULTURE!? AMAZING. Lisa on the pole!? AMAZING. Lisa riding carts in the sand dunes!? AMAZING. FBI LISA!?! AMAZING.

So even though I was kind of let down by her first solo ,I’m still very much impressed and love every bit of LaLisa. I haven’t listened to money yet and I’ve seen trolls already hating on both LaLisa and Money. And I just have one thing to say- if you don’t like it…. Don’t listen to it. This whole let’s hate on Kpop idols for clout is very ANNOYING and cringey.

Anyways, did you enjoy Lisa’s debut? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comments down below. Until next time….

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