Crazy in Love Concept

By : Shanise Lachelle

Now I know I previously stated that Guess who era was my favorite itzy era/concept, but I think crazy in Love era is actually gonna be my absolute favorite. And that’s just going off the vibes, looks and teaser videos.

We gotten tons of different photoshoots and teasers, but no actual snippet yet. So I’m excited to see what the girls have in store for us. But also can we just look at how great all of them look and how they step it up each era!?!!!

I can hardly wait , I’m SO excited. And I don’t wanna put this out there and cause chaos….but I think itzy might be taking that number one spot from blackpink. Sorry not sorry… Itzy has been feeding midzy for two years straight. While blinks struggle to get a comeback every year, but have to wait every few years. I still love blackpink obviously, I just want them to do something. Anyways are you excited for the new Itzy Album!?

Look at my girls GO!!!!

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