Itzy World Domination!!!

By : Shanise Lachelle

I am currently writing from the grave, Itzy have solidified themselves as 4th generation girlgroup leaders after their 2021 MAMA PERFORMANCE.

I just caught up on The MAMA awards, and wasn’t planning on giving it any attention , because BTS wouldn’t be there . But man to wake up to see the timeline going crazy over Itzy and being in complete shock watching those clips, I RAN TO YOUTUBE.

We got a Loco/Mafia performance and it was literally top tier and one of my favorite Itzy performances EVER . Miss Chaeryeong on the POLE HONEY!???!!! And she left not one crumb on the plate. We seriously as a nation , need to hype her up way more than we do, She never misses . Yuna and lia looked incredible and confident as ever . Yuna is legit glowing fresh off her 18th birthday!!.

This moment right here , between my bias and bias wrecker, THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE!!!! You can’t tell me this wasn’t the most bad ass thing ever!!!. Ryujin and YEJI just Know they are those GIRLS!! They just know, and oh were acting now itzy!?! Okay I approve.

Miss Ryujin had an entire black window moment and my entire jaw dropped!!! She is legit just the coolest 4th gen girl ever .

To know the girls gave this much of a top tier performance and didn’t win NOT ONE AWARD, pisses me off. Because why are we sleeping on the talent?! MAMA, they gave y’all the whole damn buffet and y’all gave them nothing in return. It doesn’t matter though, the world is watching and we see the talent and the passion. Itzy is gonna be that kpop girlgroup to actually take over the world. Like blackpink may have started it…but itzy is gonna finish it . And no it’s not a competition and there is absolutely room for everyone, but NO girlgroup is doing it like itzy and that’s a FACTOID!!!

Did you watch MAMA THIS YEAR? What was your favorite performance and why was it ITZY!? Sound off in the comments below. Untill next time….

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