Bts at the White House.

By : Shanise Lachelle

Bts has made history once again, this time by speaking at the White House.

I know what you’re thinking… why on EARTH ARE KOREAN MEGA STARS SPEAKING AT THE WHITE HOUSE?! Well it’s really simple actually, they’re are huge and appeal to the younger generation.

They were invited on behalf of President Biden to speak on Asian hate crimes. Now where it gets a little confusing , is why didn’t Biden ask any famous AMERICAN Asian artists to speak?! When there’s tons of different actors and musicians he could have asked. I do agree with Bts global influence and the impact they have, so I get it from that standpoint. And Asian hate crimes have been on the rise ever since covid. So I know they can relate and have definitely experienced their fare share, famous or not.

But it would have probably made more sense for an Asian American artist to speak on the issues that are happening in AMERICA. Just like you wouldn’t appoint an American to go speak on Korean issues.

Either way I’m super proud of the boys and I know just how monumental this was and how huge it was for K-pop and the Korean industry in general. I watched a little of the conference and was immediately moved to tears with how proud I was.

I’m so proud of how far the boys have come and will always support them in anything they choose to do.

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