MoonLight Sunrise Reaction

By : Shanise Lachelle

Twice is back and with no surprise ANOTHER ABSOLUTE BANGER. Let’s get into it friends.

I don’t how JYP does it, but every time TWICE has a comeback it’s a HIT. Their k-singles always do well and the fans eat it up, but their American singles have been doing so well too. From THE FEELS now to Moonlight Sunrise , it’s been a loop of constant bops.

Moonlight Sunrise is a flirty and sensual song about having “FUN” all night with your partner and being absolutely obsessed with them. Not gonna lie, even though twice are all adult women half way into their 20s. I would have NEVER expected them to do a song this ALMOST freaky. I love it and I’m here for the twice girls have their CITY GIRL MOMENT.

Chaeyoung absolutely ATE DOWN WITH HER RAP. I’ve never heard her voice so deep and sensual and I was GAGGED!! She’s always quietly been a part of my bias line , but this here just gave my girl a permanent SPOT!!!

Of course ALL the girls look amazing and sound great, and special shout out moment for the choreography. It is AMAZING and looks so fun to do.

I really don’t know how the girls of Twice manage to keep coming out with hits after hits and ZERO misses. But they did it and continue to do it. And show why they’re one of the top K-pop girl groups OUT right now. NO-ONE is doing like twice or as flawless and consistently as TWICE. Each comeback is more polished than before, and it just shows how they perfect their vocals and craft each time. I’m so proud of my girls and dare I say THIS IS MY FAVORITE COMEBACK FROM TWICE SINCE I BEGAN STANNING.

Twice this is a song I didn’t know I wanted or needed from you until now!! Can’t wait for TOUR and to see what the album will sound like.


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