The mess that is TAU

The third single off of little mixes LM5 is think about us, and the promo for it has been all over the place! They’ve done all of 3 tv performances of it and haven’t done much radio promo for it.

Cut to the video being hyped up by all four girls and them posting teasers, all for the video to come out two weeks later. And to make matters worse.. they added ty dollar sign and like his feature is pretty pointless if you ask me. I mean the only good thing about his feature is how clear you can hear backing vocals from the girls especially jesy. Vocals that you couldn’t hear in the original. Two weeks later the video has dropped and although very beautiful and very pleasing to watch, its editing is a bit choppy and all over the place. I get the message they were trying to sell but with the choppy editing it fell short. This whole era has been a mess to be honest. Once the girls announced they were separated from syco, the promo has been absolute shit. They should just skip this era and head on over to LM6. It just sucks these amazing songs have to suffer from the he shady side of the music business. LM5 is their best album with their worst promo to date!

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