By: Shanise Lachelle

I’m finally getting around to talking about my favorite songs off the absolute banger that is “OBSESSION”. You already know how Amazing the album was about to be when the first single was ” OBSESSION”. So here are my top 5 picks.

1. Yayaya- literally my favorite song at the moment and putting me in such a spring feel good mood. I wish D.O could’ve been on this song. He would have killed it.

2. OBSESSION- this song was my introduction to EXO and what an introduction it was. I was obsessed to say the least.

3. Groove- listen suho and CHEN LITERALLY MURDER THIS SONG. Omg!!! Chen’s vocals are just pure HEAVEN. He’s without a doubt my favorite male vocalist ever. No question, he’s the GOAT. And suhos angelic vocals are just perfect for this song. This whole song is just a BOP.

4. Jekyll- I should’ve known from the title of the song, it was gonna be a BOP.

5. Baby you are- another feel good spring/summer song. Perfect for car trips and rolling your windows down to get fresh hair. I feel like this song would be played alot on the radio during summer and in the malls.

This ENTIRE album is just such a vibe and puts you in a good mood. Which you wouldn’t get from the packaging and the concepts. This was “Dark Exo”, but most of the album was light and soft.

Overall, this was a great introduction to Exo and I can’t wait to dive into their other albums.

Next up: Exo the war

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