By : Shanise Lachelle

Here are my most listened too and absolute favorite songs at the moment- EXO EDITION.

* let me just say EXO is about to be right up there with bts and queen for my favorite bands/groups.*

1. EXO-, yayaya- exo didn’t have to go that hard, but they did. And they did it espically for the black exo fans. They’re officially invited to the cookout.

2. EXO- MONSTER- I’m still making my way through their songs and videos and this one is a recent Favorite. The choreo to this is INSANE. This video made me soft for lay.

3. EXO- KOKOBOP- as I sit here typing this out , it plays in my head. Truly a BOP.

Honorable mention: EXO – THE EVE. FOREVER on repeat.

What’s your favorite exo song? And are you a exo fan? They’re legit incredible and have some of the best vocalist I’ve ever heard.

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