Confetti ft saweetie

By : Shanise Lachelle

I’m going to keep this brief, as I feel like any real excitement is gonna lead to me being let down this Friday. I kind of want this era to be done with, jesy leaving ruined it. And it just puts a damper on this whole fun pop album , hearing jesy voice but knowing she wasn’t happy and eventually was going to quit little mix. It kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Putting that aside, confetti is one of my favorites off the album and I was curious what they were gonna do with jesy killer opening verse. Turns out they got saweetie on the track and I’m so excited.

On Monday April 26 they girls released a small snippet of the revamped single on tiktok, and I’m GAGGING. And from these set photos from the video I feel were getting some major looks. It’s giving me women like me vibes, I just hope it ACTUALLY does well and the girls actually promote it. Fingers crossed girls, this could actually be a proper hit.

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