Time to melt with Bts

By : Shanise Lachelle

Happy Monday and even HAPPIER Monday to army’s as we’ve woken up to News of a new Bts single titled “Butter”. The new single is the sister to dynamite as it’s their second all english single and is dropping on may 21!!! I’m really intrigued and can’t wait to see what our boys have in store for us.

Personally I feel they’re doing another english song to make the Western Gp happy and I can support that, I just don’t think the Western industry deserves them. But I know they want the grammys next year, so I can see what they’re doing. I also feel like their pushing out another Album with all this new content so they can enlist sooner rather than later and get it over with.

I personally think that’s the smartest move and for them to do it together. That way 7 go in and 7 come out. I can’t imagine them being (BTS) without jin or suga.

So are we excited for butter army’s!?! I’m tired of the comforting songs to be honest, we’ve had a year of it with Be and I loved it. But now I need turn up Bts back!! I need that grammys diss song.

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