Crazy in Love is HERE

By : Shanise Lachelle

If you remember correctly about a week or so ago, I claimed this era and said it would be my new favorite. Knocking guess who era down a notch. And I was right!!!! I love every single song on this album and it’s full of twerking bops!! To say I was SHOCKED, is an understatement.

Loco is such a fun and different sound for itzy. From the teasers I totally though we’d be getting a different type of song than what we got. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked it upon first watch,( it was past midnight for me when it came out). Is it my favorite itzy single!?! Dare I say ….YES.

The girls looks so cool and great!! I feel like this is definitely lias time to shine. She’s the one that stood out the most to me and she was just glowing. Her ” so dangerous” part in the choreo is my absolute favorite thing lia has ever done ever. Not to mention we got center Ryujin!!!!! Yeji as always looked phenomenal. Yuna was a total cutie and chaeryeong looked gorgeous and dances so effortlessly.

The girls have been upgrading every comeback and outdoing their only competition: THEMSELVES. I know jyp gets a lot of slack…and maybe rightfully Soo… But his girlgroups are thriving right now and they’re super talented!!!!

After covini goes away, I can see itzy breaking america big TIME. not to mention the amount of content we’ve gotten with this guess who era and already so much with crazy in Love era. The girls are working so hard and it shows. I’m so proud!!!!

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