Aespa first mini album is COMING!

By : Shanise Lachelle

Aespa is FINALLY, giving us their first mini album. And we are excited!!!

I’m not sure if it’s gonna include, black mamba, forever and next level or if it’s gonna be all new songs. Hopefully it’s both. I love the singles we’ve gotten so far and we’ve gotten to see so many different sides to aespa. But I’m also hungry for more bops!!!

I’m ready for the rapline to COME THROUGH AND SNATCH SOME WIGS. And I’m ready for the vocal line to do their thing and let y’all know.

The new mini album is called savage, so I’m assuming that means our next aespa single is gonna be called savage and we’re gonna get another killer choreo! Here’s me with fingers crossed.

The thing with aespa is they never do what we expect them too and their songs never sound like the teasers. So I’m extremely curious as to what savage is gonna be all about.

But if it’s one thing for sure…I know it’s gonna be a smash.

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