By : Shanise Lachelle

My official SHINEE bias onew is FINALLY releasing his much anticipated second mini album on APRIL 11, 2022!!

I’m so excited for him because from the voice to dice, you can see such a major shift in his confidence and the production.

To go from the top to the bottom and from the teaser of his mini album and the dice video, I simply can not wait to watch onew blow everyone away!!!

I’ve noticed since getting into shinee, he’s a little bit of the underdog and goes unnoticed alot. Maybe it’s his quiet, laid-back attitude, but he’s definitely not as hyped as the other 4 members. And I can see that changing after Dice drops. As the leader ,it’s their job to take care of their members and let them get all the shine if need be. But it’s now ONEWS time to shine. And I hope you are all ready….

I’ve always known onew had it in him, now the rest of the kpop world will see it too. He’s more than just a golden voice….

Check back tomorrow to see my honest first reaction of Dice…

Are you a shinee fan?! And are you excited for ONEWS new music? Let me know in the comments down below…

And as always until next time friends….

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