New Aespa Hair!!

By: Shanise Lachelle

We’re back with another Aespa post. I’ve been absent for a while dealing with life and finals. But I’m BACK, so let’s get into it.

Miss NingNing is blonde and I’ve never been so excited. For one can we acknowledge that ning can pull off ANY hair color!! I LOVED the red, and thought was just killer. Now she blonde is absolutely my favorite hair color she’s ever had. I love how she’s not afraid to just jump out there and try different looks. And she’s killing all of them.

Karina has purple hair and I LOVE. She looks amazing and pulls it off so well. As far as we all know this is the first time Karina has tried a different hair color other than black, and she looks stunning.

Winter has dyed her hair what looks like a greyish -Brown and she looks great. And Giselle looks like she’s just dyed her hair brown.

I’m so excited because the girls have just performed for Coachella and introduced themselves more to the American market. I’m hoping for either a new comeback or an American Tour!!

What do you think of the girls new hair?! Do you think a American tour is coming or Comeback?!

Let me know in the comments down below….and as always until next time friends.

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