Thank you , next

As an Ariana grande fan I was severely disappointed in sweetener. I only liked ntltc and god is a woman . So I was happy when I found out that she was doing another album, but was slightly nervous that it would follow the previous route. But as I sit here listening to the album in full, I’m BLOWN away by the vocals, vocals and vocals hunny. The production is simple and beautiful and it’s an entire bop! I haven’t found a song I dislike yet. I give this album a 5/5!! This sounds like it may be my favorite album of hers after dangerous woman. I think she should continue with the R&b route. It suits her voice more. And gives her vocals time to really to SHINE. She just proves with this album that she is that BITCH👏👏👏 I am living for this single super confident Ariana!! This album is SICKENING.

Favorites so far:

1. All in my head

2. Ghostin

3.7 rings

4. Needy


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