Watermelon sugar or sunflower vol.6

Guys. Gals. And non binary pals, looks like we’re in for a treat from mr. styles! I see many fans speculating that it’s obviously a video for watermelon sugar (because of all the watermelons in the shoot), but it looks to be very 70s and hippie. So it also could be for sunflower vol. 6. He also appears to be in a yellow sunflower button down. So I guess we will wait and see.I’m happy either way. The videos seem to be on track to be my favorite harry video( sorry lights up). There is also pictures floating around of watermelon orgasms and fruit orgys! Please lord let this be a video and not a tour screen. I need this video ASAP! I’m hyped.

Side note: look at all the different body types and different ethnicities. My boy doing me proud.

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