Being ” high maintenance”

I often here men say how they don’t want a women who’s “high maintenance”. What they’re really saying is , they don’t want a women who’s gonna take effort to keep happy. Meaning they want women they can do the bare minimum for and everything will be okay. They don’t want to have to go the extra mile. When lazy men see high maintenance women they get nervous, here’s a women who’s on her shit and keeping herself together and they know they can’t keep up. So they try and make her feel like shit and tell her she’s doing too much or she’s too much work. When in reality he just needs to work harder. Being high maintenance is not a bad thing. All it means is you take great care of yourself and you hold yourself to the highest standards. You also tend to hold everyone else around you to highest standards as well. Being with a high maintenance women should make men want to up their game and be better and do better. Stop using high maintenance as an insult and get your shit together. Don’t hate on her because she has it together. Get your shit together and level up with her .

Published by astoldbyshanise

A writer who’s also a blogger.

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