Kai Album Review

By :Shanise Lachelle

Now Kais Mmmh was my introduction to his group exo and we all know how I feel about exo. So all the thanks to my guy KAI. BUT it was his single Mmmh that caught my attention and made me curious about lips.

Now I’ll admit I’ve seen some of the bts/exo fan wars, and how everyone was comparing jimin and kai. And how bts stans called kai ugly and exo stans called jimin ugly. And before I branched out into other groups I was appalled that ANYONE could compare kai to THE PARK JIMIN.

Once I came out of my hole and realized there were other amazing kpop groups and bts wasn’t the ONLY one, I was able to fully embrace kai and enjoy his music. Not to mention kai and jimin are good friends, and remind me so much of each other. I literally call them lips and lips part two. And Kais not ugly at all. Can’t believe I used to feed into that fan garbage. I’m sorry kai.

Anyways his solo album is AMAZING!!! Kai is usually shown for his charisma and dancing, And I had no idea he could sing THIS well. His album is full of smooth R&B bops and I was honestly so shook. I’m fully a kai stan now. And there’s no going back. This album totally sold me on him.


1. Amnesia


3. Hello stranger

Give his album a listen!! You won’t regret it. I’m excited to order the hard copy and to be able to listen to it over and over in my home.

In this house we respect and stan KAI.

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