Jennie’s Elle Cover.

By: Shanise Lachelle

It girl Jennie Kim once again is on the cover of Elle Korea. Proving once again how influential she is.

She looks completely stunning, and shows fans and readers a variety of looks.

In the first picture she’s sweet and gives us the girl next door. In the second she’s fierce and seductive. And in the third she’s fabulous and giving rich girl at boarding school.

While I enjoy Jennie doing the fashion thing and covering many covers as one it girl does, I’m growing impatient for new music from her and blackpink. It’s been two years, please YG give us SOMETHING.

Did you enjoy these covers for Elle Korea?? Personally these are some of my favorites. And also happy belated birthday JENNIE!!

Let me know your thoughts on these covers and possible black pink comebacks in the comments down below. Until next time….

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