Dynamite Jimin

By : Shanise Lachelle

If you didn’t know, I became army during Dynamite Era and truly was so mind blown by it ALL. But THE ONE TANNIE that kept catching my attention in dynamite and while doing my BTS research, was Mr. Park Jimin himself

Of course a year later I’ve only NOW just accepted the fact that Jimin is my second bias. I fought really hard for a whole year, and I don’t even know why. He gave me ultra playboy flirtatious vibes and I didn’t like that at first. So I connected with Jungkook. But it wasn’t long until I saw how close Jungkook was with Jimin and how much I actually adored them BOTH. The same amounts, and I grew to love how flirty and fun Jimin was.

Anyways back to dynamite Jimin. He just looked so FINE in this era and in the video . Their stylist, need **** *** ***. He always looks so good and well dressed. And I just love how they know how to dress him and he’s grown to know his personal style and what it looks good on him.

I also love how he blends the feminine with the masculine. He’s not afraid to be “pretty”, and he KNOWS he’s pretty. His face card will definitely NEVER decline. The double denim look is definitely a spring vibe.

I have a LOT of favorite JIMINs, but dynamite era will always hold a special place for me and be TOP TIER!!!!

*All pictures/gifs were found online and credit to original owners.

Do you have a favorite Jimin? Were you OBESSED with Dynamite era like me as well?! It was just such a happy pill type of song in the middle of sucky bovid.

Let me know your comments down below. Let’s talk about it, until next time .

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