Fake Ji-a?

By: Shanise Lachelle

If you’ve been living under a rock, you won’t know about Netflix’s new smash hit , Singles Inferno. South Korea’s take on the western dating shows . I just started watching last week and instantly became hooked.

Even though while watching I think All of the girls are amazing and way too good for the guys. Ji-a seems to be the one standout everyone is falling over, On and off the show. She’s confident, smart spunky and super gorgeous, so it’s totally understandable.

But over the weekend it seems she’s found herself in a little bit of a scandal, and had to formally apologize. It seems as though jia has been wearing fake designer clothes. Now this wouldn’t be such a BIG deal if she didn’t have a YouTube channel and based her entire career/personality on being lavish and rich.

It seems she’s claiming she didn’t know it was fake designer, which is insisting that her team knowing gave her fake clothes. She took full responsibility for it even still and promised to live a more honest life from now on.

Now if you ask me, it’s all kind of ridiculous. Especially that she had to make such a huge statement , it’s just fashion. But I also know it’s kind of illegal to wear fake huge brands and be promoting them on national television. But also ,I couldn’t even tell it was fake or even paid that much attention.

Even if the clothes and bags were fake, her confidence wasn’t. The way she carried herself wasn’t. I get why people are disappointed, because now she seems so fake. But it’s this lifestyle, once you get in, you do anything to stay in it. Also Korea’s beauty standards and standards In general are so toxic , so I’m sure she felt pressure.

Do we agree this was blown out of proportion? Or do people have a right to be upset with Ji-a?

Leave your comments down below. Until next time…..

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