New BTS Music?!


BTS posted that they were together over the weekend. Which could only mean one thing?? NEW MUSIC IS ON THE WAY!!!!

I’m so excited, since the last full length album we had was BE in 2020. And butter/permission to dance were just fun promotional singles for AMERICA.

Be was old school hip-hop mixed with soulful pop. While Butter and permission to dance were full on pop music. So what do we think the new music will sound like??

I’m really hoping for a return of hip-hop and R&B BTS. I enjoyed pop fun BTS well enough, but I’m ready for the nitty and gritty hardcore BTS. Let’s go, come next month we will officially be in lockdown for new music.

They announced after the shows in November, that March 2022 we’d have a new single. Hopefully that will be followed by a tour as well.

What do we think army?! Leave your thoughts down below. And until next time….

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