The Iconic Grammy Jimin look

By: Shanise Lachelle

We all know this was coming didn’t we?! Today we are going to be talking about this iconic Jimin look.

Now of course I wasn’t army then, but good lord had I been. This is honestly top 3 best Jimin looks. And considering he looks this good ALL the time, this was just exceptional.

I’m the biggest blonde Jimin supporter, for it not to be his natural hair color, he rocks it so well. And I feel like he just comes alive when he’s blonde.

He looks so westernized here and like a total American Rockstar. He’s wearing this look so well, you can just tell Jimin was born for the stage. The perfected styled blonde hair, OMG!!!!!

From the red carpet to the performance Jimin ate up every other artist there that night. And he wasn’t even trying. Their stylist seriously needs a raise I don’t care who doesn’t agree. They dressed every single member of BTS that night to the T. Ooh wee. How lucky are we that not Only are BTS super talented but they are super gorgeous as well, not to mention super humble. We are so blessed to be alive at the time as Park Jimin and get to witness this greatness .

What do you think about this Jimin look? And which member should I do next? Let me know In the comments down below. Until next time friends…

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