Toxic Army’s

By : Shanise Lachelle

While being in the BTS Fandom, I’ve seen some really great passionate army’s. But I’ve also seen some of the worst fans EVER.

Here’s my list of super toxic Army’s and where to find them.

1. Twitter- Everyone is super sexual about the boys on there ,and even ships them together. Which okay believe what you want, but they can become super aggressive about it. And alot of them are barley 18. So it’s a bit inappropriate

2. TikTok- I’ve only just got into Kpop Tiktok at the end of 2021, but I’ve already seen some of the most entitled and disgusting army’s on there. I know for sure if the boys saw some of the mean and vile things these ” fans ” said they would be upset. They also are super mean and over the top to get more attention on the app . So who knows if those are their real views or how they really feel. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

3. Instagram Army’s- might be the least of the toxic bunch, but they’re still up there definitely. The amount of toxic shippers and DELULUS that LIVE on Instagram…. It makes me super nervous now that the boys have accounts. And I wonder how much of that they’ve seen already.

I don’t really get why everyone can’t just be chill and we all vibe together. And leave the drama out of it, but alas with ANY fandom, there will always be drama.

Have you seen any drama lately within the BTS Fandom?! And how do you stay away from it? Let me know in the comments down below….

Honestly between all the drama, and how hybe has been handling merch and concerts, it’s getting to be a little much being army. Like it’s getting overwhelming and depressing.

Like I LOVE BTS AND OWE them so much, and I do love being army, just not LATLEY.

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